Thursday, February 5, 2009

Protect your heart is to listen to music

American scientists announced: the music keeps the heart.

American scientists, people love listening to music is the heart-vascular system revealed good.

University of Maryland Preventive Cardiology Center, Medical Center President Michael Miller led the researchers, during the rest of popular music have found that blood vessels expand.

Blood vessels then discarded laughter or blood related drugs when taken as said expansion of the Miller, "we reach a very impressive results. The blood vessels are enlarged in diameter, the veins in the perfect opening. Damar the opening of the level of the exercise is being done to reach," he said. Michael Miller, 'State' and the 'ACE inhibitor' group of drugs has been told the same effect is achieved.

Research under half an hour listening to music through any of the volunteers, I would listen to their music at a rate of 26 per cent of the blood vessels to expand, they do not like listening to music when the vessels were determined to shrink at a rate of 6 percent.


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