A cup of green tea a day to open arteries quickly reported to contribute to heart health is important. Daily Mail's website released a new research, according to a cup of green tea for 30 minutes in the shoulder to the wrist arteries to expand at a rate of 4 percent, reducing the risk of blood clotting.
Medical School cardiology department Dr Akina. Nicholas Aleksopulos'la team, from shoulder to wrist, and extending a good indicator of blood flow in the body that brakiyal (the arms) of the arteries, the status of some fluids be examined with ultrasound. Healthy subjects to a group of green tea, caffeine and hot water was given.
All subjects after receiving a liquid state of the vessels brakiyal bakıldı.Araştırmacılar, subjects 30 minutes after the green tea drink at a rate of 4 per cent of vessels were enlarged, the effect of caffeine and hot water was determined göstemediğini.
Research, European Journal of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation'da published. Enlargement of veins, blood vessels and clots of spare cells facilitate the better functioning sağlıyor.Daha prevents endotelyumun of previous research, black tea improve the performance of short and long term endotelyumun was shown. However, large veins of green tea on the first time, short-term beneficial effects of green tea to be a smoker belirlendi.Bir other research also eliminate dysfunction in the endotelyal were.
This green tea as well as the bad cholesterol and lowers high blood pressure is the effect of tea consumption on the belirlenmişti.Siyah process before being offered for the beneficial effects of antioxidants as flavonoidler up to 90 percent rate is reduced.

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Write a heart attack triggers thirst
Suppression of summer heat well to create a risk for heart patients. Experts, to be taken with very simple measures of heart patients may have iron article says. The main requirement; day 2.5 liters of water to drink. The experts say heart tired of thirst, "without waiting to be thirsty to drink water conditions," he says .....
Football Federation president Hasan Doğan's last week while on holiday in Bodrum, and died suddenly after a heart attack, hospital and long queues in front of check-up department was created. Doğan's death many people were upset and frightened. So someone who looks very healthy can die suddenly? Heavy meals, going to the sauna, or can be deadly to watch the match Is it stressful? Anadolu Health Center Coordinator Prof. Heart Health. Dr. Serdar Çiçek and Cardiology Specialists Assoc. Dr. Hot air, and heart disease Ökmen Ertan about the link between the questions answered:
* Hot air, did you cause a heart attack is?
Prof. Dr. Sertac Cicek: Hot and not in itself cause a heart attack, but in people with heart disease triggers heart attacks.
Assoc. Dr. Ertan Ökmen: High blood pressure patients, heart patients and diabetes patients at risk is greater in hot. Diuretic use is their risk even more. Before they are noticing more and more water, drink fluids must lose. Do not wait for the thirsty to drink water. To force the body to the already long passed and the alarm means. You make a habit of drinking water per day to 2.5 liters.
* Hot weather can be extreme food did you eat the deadly effects?
Assoc. Dr. E.Ö.: If you are a heart patient and after a heavy exercise, you eat very serious problems may occur. Heart attack risk may arise. With the risk of heart disease or by people eating heavy meals and after dinner out on the street do not recommend exercise. 'It ate, eat what may dissolve' diyerek; to walk immediately after dinner, take the stairs or wrong is to do sports. Everyone, a time to rest after dinner to leave the body is recommended.
I do not recommend to run
* To exercise in a hot zone is the most appropriate time?
Assoc. Dr. E.Ö.: early hours of the morning or evening hours, I suggest. If you are healthy every day, or at least 4 days a week is enough to do 30 minutes walking. Certainly do not recommend is to run. The exercise is appropriate for heart patients, it should identify the doctor.

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Monday, February 9, 2009

How is a heart attack?

Deaths from heart does not come to a joke, young people recognize the elderly. Heart disease is like iceberg. Display the iceberg, who died suddenly and young people in society who are deeply shaken ...
Therefore, the early death of the person with the family, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, which smoking, diabetes and coronary heart disease in obese people always should be examined. People, even if robust, should pass kardiyolojik control. As a result of such control measures are taken in time and many lives can be saved.
• Scientific studies of the specific conditions and lifestyles of a heart attack increases the danger, the conditions are changed to a heart attack puts önlenebileceğini also be reduced. Specific health care measures, and healthy lifestyle habits are not made specifically for children healthy eating and living habits since the early years of heart and vascular disease prevention is earned and will be reduced.
• Heart attack is not out of the lottery, is the natural result of the wrong lifestyle. INTER-HEART study, heart attack and the risk factors related to lifestyle has very clear. 30,000 people in 52 countries on the effects on heart attacks of 9 değiştirelibilir risk factors were investigated. Smoker, fruit-vegetable-weighted nutrition, Hypertension, regular exercise, diabetes, alcohol, waist-hip ratio, the influence of psychosocial factors and Apolipoprotein levels were investigated. Risk factors, equally important has been found all over the world. All ethnic groups, gender and age as independent risk factors that can be changed to 9, the risk of heart attack was 90% can be envisaged.
• Europe for years of sustained EUROASPIRE survey results,
We have neglected the importance of lifestyle shows.
To all these medications, the doctor, despite efforts, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, such as prevention and treatment of common health problems are not successful.
Because of the way of life do not give the necessary importance.
• The results of the gruesome EUROASPIRE-3 research.
Heart health is our alarm. Inadequate preventive measures in our country.
Heart attacks under age 50 are the European champions. Cigarettes are the first in use.
Even more than half of coronary patients continue to smoke and sedanter alive. This one-third of obese and diabetic patients. Despite the treatment, but one-third of their blood pressure under control.
What should I look out for?
First, we must PREVENT smoking.
• Heart attack patients who still smoke most.
• They rate again to 3-fold higher than the crisis.
Hypertension is CHECK
• Blood pressure above normal level, the number of records has reached.
According to the study of society METSAR percent of 56'sının blood pressure is above normal.
Adult population of 15 million with high blood pressure patients, and 40 percent of them alone is aware of high blood pressure, 60 percent are unaware of the risky life goes on. These are an important part of the loss of kidney function were detected. Community's blood pressure gradually rising. In the past, have low blood pressure who develop hypertension over time, even. 21 million people is the blood pressure tends to rise.
• Eat every thing that additives into full. Most of these salt and sugar storage. Insalubrious janjanlı paint, gas, acidic, sugary beverages and additives are washed with the brain and stomach. And people are constantly encouraged them. Of course, everyone's weight increases, blood pressure will increase. Who is their lead to health problems were common. High blood pressure is not required and the difference is treated as a heart attack, stroke and kidney failure, such as the development of a risk of deadly disease is very high.
• containing additives to reduce the need for food is ready. Because salt is abundant in.
Many of these measures only one blood pressure may drop significantly. But many patients also need medication. A healthy lifestyle with the number and doses of medication to use will decrease.
To be healthy eating, weight, and we should watch Diabetes
• obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension common health problem
Within the last 10 years the number of fat people has doubled. Belly-type obesity, 50 years on each of four middle-aged men and four women, one of three shows. This does not mind being fat rapidly soon reach sizes similar to the U.S. society will.
• obesity, excessive eating and lack of movement on the ground growing number of adult diabetes, while in 1990 1 million, now exceeds 6 million people with hidden sugar.
• per cent of the adult population, hunger, blood sugar is normal 28'inde is over. Diabetes, with more weight than is seen in middle-aged. Healthy nutrition, smoking, to avoid, if any, control of risk factors such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol, and treatment, may come to a large extent can prevent heart and vascular disorders.
Regular exercise should we do
• scientific observations, and residents who still live a day of a heart attack walking, running, cycling and swimming on a regular basis, such as physical activity than those who do are often put on. An appropriate exercise program regularly yourself are applied
• Life-style results, such as national disaster, the more dangerous than Russian roulette.
Russian roulette death in the 17th percent probability Lifestyle is more dangerous than Russian roulette.
• Ministry of Health in cooperation with the Capital University in the country-wide survey of deaths in Turkey sının 86 percent, showed that stem from unhealthy lifestyle. So 86 percent of deaths are not health care sı `can be prevented.
• In particular should know the values of some blood. Total cholesterol values in our country than half of heart attack in patients with 170-200 mg. between these values must be under that.
• 12 million people in our country of 200 mg of cholesterol is over assessed.
Percent of the adult population 36'sında triglyceride elevation is available.
• to remain healthy in veins of the low HDL cholesterol with almost half of the adult population is a risk factor. HDL values of 40 mg. Under the risk is. Weight loss, exercise, smoking cessation, diet, lifestyle changes such as increases HDLyi.
• LDL cholesterol is too bad that the patient is determined according to risk group. Patients in high-risk groups, for example, if there is a known coronary vascular disease, LDL 70 mg. should be under. Lower than 70 physicians in the UK LDLyi receiving awards, to our country through the wringer.
• Homosistein, hs-CRP, Lp (a) are risk factors such as the new tests is unknown too. High and medium-risk group of patients entered in this test will have to do. Main risk factors shown to wrinkle skin care is necessary to show. Because no one dies of skin wrinkles.
• Homosistein, B vitamins and folic acid deficiency is associated with. Important as the treatment of high cholesterol is very easy. It is enough to take folic acid regularly.
• hs-CRP, heart attack and acute coronary syndrome in the prediction that the situation is a test. Cholesterol drugs, reducing the danger that makes this test also normal.
• Lp (a) to 30 mg. values have increased over the risk of coronary means. Niacin and statin drugs are treated group.
• Close relatives in the young or middle age if you have been lost from heart disease, heart disease is likely to be caught. In this case, your lifestyle can be determined. Made between control and you are certain health measures to reduce the risk of heart disease is determined</DIV>

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Heart patients, for the Ideal Sleep Time

Death rate increased 110 percent to avoid the ideal sleeping hours.

In the UK and the results described in the U.S. research, the decline in sleep duration linked to heart disease risk of death at a rate of 110 per cent increase was revealed the cause.

Who do research, College London Medical School Jane ferrie doctor released from the paper, however, increases in sleep time or the risk of death increases at a rate of 110 per cent, but in this case, the risk of death other than heart disease are based on reason. Ferrie, 7 or 8 hours of sleep is ideal for an adult human's health has been saved.

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Perhaps this story Strait diligent people not very happy. They more likely to be the week he would rather the amount of chocolate.

On the other hand is still good news for them: 6.7 g per day, chocolate, inflammation and cardiovascular disease that may develop after a protective effect against the ideal.

Bitter chocolate for the first time the effects of this new Catholic University Research Campobasso'daki National Cancer Institute of Milan in the laboratories that carried out in cooperation with the result of population studies has been proven.

American Nutrition Society is the official journal Nutrition Journal published in the latest issue of the findings, performed so far in Europe is the largest epidemiological studies, one from the Molise region so far of the 20,000 area residents participated in molim-sani Project was obtained.

Researchers assessed the participants, the complex mechanism of inflammation, emphasizing. A chronic inflammatory condition such as in various miyokardiyal infarction and a risk factor for development of cardiovascular disease is known to occur. Process to be under control inflammation of the most fundamental issues of conservation programs and C-reactive protein also can be determined by a simple blood test, promising to be one of the marked results.

The Italian team, the research involved in this protein in the blood of persons associated with chocolate consumption. 11,000 participants 4849'unda risk factors (normal cholesterol, blood pressure and other parameters) is not observed, and this has been determined to be healthy participants. These are among the 1317 participants of the chocolate eating habits, regular 824'ününse bitter chocolate-chocolate-but only when consumed has emerged.

Working with the leader of Romina di Giuseppe "Cocoa beans in a high amount of antioxidants, especially flavonoitlerin (P vitamin like and bleeding against the substance of), and other polifenol types, inflammatory status in the treatment of beneficial effects may be the hypothesis work began. The result is really very heartening: reasonable ratios and regularly consumed dark chocolate blood of the people in the C-reactive protein levels quite low are available. In other words a situation inflamed emergence is unlikely to fall. Gözlenen average decrease of 17% may appear low, but these women in one of three men in four cardiovascular disease in one an amount sufficient to reduce the risk. This is certainly a remarkable result. " he says.

The amount of chocolate consumed is very important. "Reasonable extent of a consumer speak. The greatest effect the average 6.7 grams of chocolate per day is consumed is obtained. This week two or three times to defeat a small square chocolate money is coming. It's more of the beneficial effects loss means."
According to the study package as a normal practice, approximately 100 g of chocolate a week for a little less than half a pack a healthy habit of eating dark chocolate. But what the status of milk chocolate? Young researchers Romina di Giuseppe "milk of the previous studies revealed that blocking is polifenollerin emilimini. We in our work because we take only the bitter chocolate," he says.

Researchers intend to distribute all doubt. Chocolate lovers of wine, fruit and other healthy foods such as vegetables, may also take into account are exhausted. Chocolate lovers of others may be doing is doing more exercise. Thus, observed positive effects of cocoa can be installed on its own but also other factors. Researchers "all possible to prevent this" confusing "the parameters' set '. But chocolate's beneficial effects were observed, and we still think this is real." he says.

Genetic and Environmental Epidemiology Laboratuvan'nın manager and Campobasso'daki molim-sani Project Manager Licia Iacoviello, this study first scientific publications about molim-sani Project is reporting. Iacoviello, "This data us against cardiovascular disease and how the tumor will provide permanent protection for a creative perspective that will win many more think it's the beginning of the data." he says. Research Laboratory of the manager, Giovanni de Gaetano da "Maybe he is reviewing the restructuring of the Mediterranean diet pyramid and bitter chocolate is bad for our health are thought to have time to be removed from the sweets." I adds.

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American scientists announced: the music keeps the heart.

American scientists, people love listening to music is the heart-vascular system revealed good.

University of Maryland Preventive Cardiology Center, Medical Center President Michael Miller led the researchers, during the rest of popular music have found that blood vessels expand.

Blood vessels then discarded laughter or blood related drugs when taken as said expansion of the Miller, "we reach a very impressive results. The blood vessels are enlarged in diameter, the veins in the perfect opening. Damar the opening of the level of the exercise is being done to reach," he said. Michael Miller, 'State' and the 'ACE inhibitor' group of drugs has been told the same effect is achieved.

Research under half an hour listening to music through any of the volunteers, I would listen to their music at a rate of 26 per cent of the blood vessels to expand, they do not like listening to music when the vessels were determined to shrink at a rate of 6 percent.

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American scientists, the causes of heart attack and stroke that has occurred in the early hours.

More can be seen in the early hours of a heart attack. American scientists, the causes of heart attack and stroke that has occurred in the early hours.

A group at Emory University, the daily rhythm of activity of cells and blood vessels may have a key role here, said of the arrangement. Researchers cell activity in the wee hours of the morning is found in the lowest level.

American Heart Association conference on the work described in the public, this low level of the blood vessels to relax and less to the increase in risk of being seen to cause problems is indicated. Stem cells from bone marrow and Endotelyal (EPCs) in repair of blood vessels in the name of the cell is thought to play important roles. In fact, stem cells, these cells, while in blood vessels in the region would be created in the area are deprived of support and new blood vessels are built.

Emory group, different time of day and activity in cells of blood vessels in healthy middle age by looking at the changing characteristics of the 12 volunteers were tested every hour for 24 hours.

Peak point for the risk of Midnight

The number of cells by up to 2000 with the ability to develop EPCs cells to relax blood vessels of the peak level reached midnight. The next measurements began to fall. Research leader Dr Ibhar Al Mheid, "Vascular function of the night was better. Endotelyal function in the wee hours of the morning fell, especially," he said.

In the British Heart Foundation Cardiac Nurse Assistant as Ellen Mason, a heart attack, the number of hours of the morning at the highest level is known for a long time and researchers have done with this work that is causing the mechanism to better understand providing said. Mason, "all of us to-day rhythm, have the internal body clock and this is causing changes in the chemistry of our body," he said.

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