A cup of green tea a day to open arteries quickly reported to contribute to heart health is important. Daily Mail's website released a new research, according to a cup of green tea for 30 minutes in the shoulder to the wrist arteries to expand at a rate of 4 percent, reducing the risk of blood clotting.
Medical School cardiology department Dr Akina. Nicholas Aleksopulos'la team, from shoulder to wrist, and extending a good indicator of blood flow in the body that brakiyal (the arms) of the arteries, the status of some fluids be examined with ultrasound. Healthy subjects to a group of green tea, caffeine and hot water was given.
All subjects after receiving a liquid state of the vessels brakiyal bakıldı.Araştırmacılar, subjects 30 minutes after the green tea drink at a rate of 4 per cent of vessels were enlarged, the effect of caffeine and hot water was determined göstemediğini.
Research, European Journal of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation'da published. Enlargement of veins, blood vessels and clots of spare cells facilitate the better functioning sağlıyor.Daha prevents endotelyumun of previous research, black tea improve the performance of short and long term endotelyumun was shown. However, large veins of green tea on the first time, short-term beneficial effects of green tea to be a smoker belirlendi.Bir other research also eliminate dysfunction in the endotelyal were.
This green tea as well as the bad cholesterol and lowers high blood pressure is the effect of tea consumption on the belirlenmişti.Siyah process before being offered for the beneficial effects of antioxidants as flavonoidler up to 90 percent rate is reduced.


Brate said...

When it comes to heart, nothing should be ignored. From your description, it seems that you are inviting a bigger problem (though not so recent) in your life. There can be many cases where you may feel such palpitations. Many diseases like Arrhythmias , Sinus Tachycardia , mitral valve prolapses, PVCs. I am not trying to frighten you, but make you aware of the situation.

Arrhythmias shows the symptoms of disorder of regular rhythmic beating of heart. And this can occur in a healthy heart and be of minimal consequence. And if this is the case, it indicates the serious problem and lead to heart disease, stroke or even a sudden cardiac death.

Sinus tachycardia is a disease where a person has a heart beat rate above 100. This is generally found in many people. Not so serious, but worth noting.

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