Write a heart attack triggers thirst
Suppression of summer heat well to create a risk for heart patients. Experts, to be taken with very simple measures of heart patients may have iron article says. The main requirement; day 2.5 liters of water to drink. The experts say heart tired of thirst, "without waiting to be thirsty to drink water conditions," he says .....
Football Federation president Hasan Doğan's last week while on holiday in Bodrum, and died suddenly after a heart attack, hospital and long queues in front of check-up department was created. Doğan's death many people were upset and frightened. So someone who looks very healthy can die suddenly? Heavy meals, going to the sauna, or can be deadly to watch the match Is it stressful? Anadolu Health Center Coordinator Prof. Heart Health. Dr. Serdar Çiçek and Cardiology Specialists Assoc. Dr. Hot air, and heart disease Ökmen Ertan about the link between the questions answered:
* Hot air, did you cause a heart attack is?
Prof. Dr. Sertac Cicek: Hot and not in itself cause a heart attack, but in people with heart disease triggers heart attacks.
Assoc. Dr. Ertan Ökmen: High blood pressure patients, heart patients and diabetes patients at risk is greater in hot. Diuretic use is their risk even more. Before they are noticing more and more water, drink fluids must lose. Do not wait for the thirsty to drink water. To force the body to the already long passed and the alarm means. You make a habit of drinking water per day to 2.5 liters.
* Hot weather can be extreme food did you eat the deadly effects?
Assoc. Dr. E.Ö.: If you are a heart patient and after a heavy exercise, you eat very serious problems may occur. Heart attack risk may arise. With the risk of heart disease or by people eating heavy meals and after dinner out on the street do not recommend exercise. 'It ate, eat what may dissolve' diyerek; to walk immediately after dinner, take the stairs or wrong is to do sports. Everyone, a time to rest after dinner to leave the body is recommended.
I do not recommend to run
* To exercise in a hot zone is the most appropriate time?
Assoc. Dr. E.Ö.: early hours of the morning or evening hours, I suggest. If you are healthy every day, or at least 4 days a week is enough to do 30 minutes walking. Certainly do not recommend is to run. The exercise is appropriate for heart patients, it should identify the doctor.


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