Monday, February 9, 2009

How is a heart attack?

Deaths from heart does not come to a joke, young people recognize the elderly. Heart disease is like iceberg. Display the iceberg, who died suddenly and young people in society who are deeply shaken ...
Therefore, the early death of the person with the family, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, which smoking, diabetes and coronary heart disease in obese people always should be examined. People, even if robust, should pass kardiyolojik control. As a result of such control measures are taken in time and many lives can be saved.
• Scientific studies of the specific conditions and lifestyles of a heart attack increases the danger, the conditions are changed to a heart attack puts önlenebileceğini also be reduced. Specific health care measures, and healthy lifestyle habits are not made specifically for children healthy eating and living habits since the early years of heart and vascular disease prevention is earned and will be reduced.
• Heart attack is not out of the lottery, is the natural result of the wrong lifestyle. INTER-HEART study, heart attack and the risk factors related to lifestyle has very clear. 30,000 people in 52 countries on the effects on heart attacks of 9 değiştirelibilir risk factors were investigated. Smoker, fruit-vegetable-weighted nutrition, Hypertension, regular exercise, diabetes, alcohol, waist-hip ratio, the influence of psychosocial factors and Apolipoprotein levels were investigated. Risk factors, equally important has been found all over the world. All ethnic groups, gender and age as independent risk factors that can be changed to 9, the risk of heart attack was 90% can be envisaged.
• Europe for years of sustained EUROASPIRE survey results,
We have neglected the importance of lifestyle shows.
To all these medications, the doctor, despite efforts, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, such as prevention and treatment of common health problems are not successful.
Because of the way of life do not give the necessary importance.
• The results of the gruesome EUROASPIRE-3 research.
Heart health is our alarm. Inadequate preventive measures in our country.
Heart attacks under age 50 are the European champions. Cigarettes are the first in use.
Even more than half of coronary patients continue to smoke and sedanter alive. This one-third of obese and diabetic patients. Despite the treatment, but one-third of their blood pressure under control.
What should I look out for?
First, we must PREVENT smoking.
• Heart attack patients who still smoke most.
• They rate again to 3-fold higher than the crisis.
Hypertension is CHECK
• Blood pressure above normal level, the number of records has reached.
According to the study of society METSAR percent of 56'sının blood pressure is above normal.
Adult population of 15 million with high blood pressure patients, and 40 percent of them alone is aware of high blood pressure, 60 percent are unaware of the risky life goes on. These are an important part of the loss of kidney function were detected. Community's blood pressure gradually rising. In the past, have low blood pressure who develop hypertension over time, even. 21 million people is the blood pressure tends to rise.
• Eat every thing that additives into full. Most of these salt and sugar storage. Insalubrious janjanlı paint, gas, acidic, sugary beverages and additives are washed with the brain and stomach. And people are constantly encouraged them. Of course, everyone's weight increases, blood pressure will increase. Who is their lead to health problems were common. High blood pressure is not required and the difference is treated as a heart attack, stroke and kidney failure, such as the development of a risk of deadly disease is very high.
• containing additives to reduce the need for food is ready. Because salt is abundant in.
Many of these measures only one blood pressure may drop significantly. But many patients also need medication. A healthy lifestyle with the number and doses of medication to use will decrease.
To be healthy eating, weight, and we should watch Diabetes
• obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension common health problem
Within the last 10 years the number of fat people has doubled. Belly-type obesity, 50 years on each of four middle-aged men and four women, one of three shows. This does not mind being fat rapidly soon reach sizes similar to the U.S. society will.
• obesity, excessive eating and lack of movement on the ground growing number of adult diabetes, while in 1990 1 million, now exceeds 6 million people with hidden sugar.
• per cent of the adult population, hunger, blood sugar is normal 28'inde is over. Diabetes, with more weight than is seen in middle-aged. Healthy nutrition, smoking, to avoid, if any, control of risk factors such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol, and treatment, may come to a large extent can prevent heart and vascular disorders.
Regular exercise should we do
• scientific observations, and residents who still live a day of a heart attack walking, running, cycling and swimming on a regular basis, such as physical activity than those who do are often put on. An appropriate exercise program regularly yourself are applied
• Life-style results, such as national disaster, the more dangerous than Russian roulette.
Russian roulette death in the 17th percent probability Lifestyle is more dangerous than Russian roulette.
• Ministry of Health in cooperation with the Capital University in the country-wide survey of deaths in Turkey sının 86 percent, showed that stem from unhealthy lifestyle. So 86 percent of deaths are not health care sı `can be prevented.
• In particular should know the values of some blood. Total cholesterol values in our country than half of heart attack in patients with 170-200 mg. between these values must be under that.
• 12 million people in our country of 200 mg of cholesterol is over assessed.
Percent of the adult population 36'sında triglyceride elevation is available.
• to remain healthy in veins of the low HDL cholesterol with almost half of the adult population is a risk factor. HDL values of 40 mg. Under the risk is. Weight loss, exercise, smoking cessation, diet, lifestyle changes such as increases HDLyi.
• LDL cholesterol is too bad that the patient is determined according to risk group. Patients in high-risk groups, for example, if there is a known coronary vascular disease, LDL 70 mg. should be under. Lower than 70 physicians in the UK LDLyi receiving awards, to our country through the wringer.
• Homosistein, hs-CRP, Lp (a) are risk factors such as the new tests is unknown too. High and medium-risk group of patients entered in this test will have to do. Main risk factors shown to wrinkle skin care is necessary to show. Because no one dies of skin wrinkles.
• Homosistein, B vitamins and folic acid deficiency is associated with. Important as the treatment of high cholesterol is very easy. It is enough to take folic acid regularly.
• hs-CRP, heart attack and acute coronary syndrome in the prediction that the situation is a test. Cholesterol drugs, reducing the danger that makes this test also normal.
• Lp (a) to 30 mg. values have increased over the risk of coronary means. Niacin and statin drugs are treated group.
• Close relatives in the young or middle age if you have been lost from heart disease, heart disease is likely to be caught. In this case, your lifestyle can be determined. Made between control and you are certain health measures to reduce the risk of heart disease is determined</DIV>

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Heart patients, for the Ideal Sleep Time

Death rate increased 110 percent to avoid the ideal sleeping hours.

In the UK and the results described in the U.S. research, the decline in sleep duration linked to heart disease risk of death at a rate of 110 per cent increase was revealed the cause.

Who do research, College London Medical School Jane ferrie doctor released from the paper, however, increases in sleep time or the risk of death increases at a rate of 110 per cent, but in this case, the risk of death other than heart disease are based on reason. Ferrie, 7 or 8 hours of sleep is ideal for an adult human's health has been saved.

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Perhaps this story Strait diligent people not very happy. They more likely to be the week he would rather the amount of chocolate.

On the other hand is still good news for them: 6.7 g per day, chocolate, inflammation and cardiovascular disease that may develop after a protective effect against the ideal.

Bitter chocolate for the first time the effects of this new Catholic University Research Campobasso'daki National Cancer Institute of Milan in the laboratories that carried out in cooperation with the result of population studies has been proven.

American Nutrition Society is the official journal Nutrition Journal published in the latest issue of the findings, performed so far in Europe is the largest epidemiological studies, one from the Molise region so far of the 20,000 area residents participated in molim-sani Project was obtained.

Researchers assessed the participants, the complex mechanism of inflammation, emphasizing. A chronic inflammatory condition such as in various miyokardiyal infarction and a risk factor for development of cardiovascular disease is known to occur. Process to be under control inflammation of the most fundamental issues of conservation programs and C-reactive protein also can be determined by a simple blood test, promising to be one of the marked results.

The Italian team, the research involved in this protein in the blood of persons associated with chocolate consumption. 11,000 participants 4849'unda risk factors (normal cholesterol, blood pressure and other parameters) is not observed, and this has been determined to be healthy participants. These are among the 1317 participants of the chocolate eating habits, regular 824'ününse bitter chocolate-chocolate-but only when consumed has emerged.

Working with the leader of Romina di Giuseppe "Cocoa beans in a high amount of antioxidants, especially flavonoitlerin (P vitamin like and bleeding against the substance of), and other polifenol types, inflammatory status in the treatment of beneficial effects may be the hypothesis work began. The result is really very heartening: reasonable ratios and regularly consumed dark chocolate blood of the people in the C-reactive protein levels quite low are available. In other words a situation inflamed emergence is unlikely to fall. Gözlenen average decrease of 17% may appear low, but these women in one of three men in four cardiovascular disease in one an amount sufficient to reduce the risk. This is certainly a remarkable result. " he says.

The amount of chocolate consumed is very important. "Reasonable extent of a consumer speak. The greatest effect the average 6.7 grams of chocolate per day is consumed is obtained. This week two or three times to defeat a small square chocolate money is coming. It's more of the beneficial effects loss means."
According to the study package as a normal practice, approximately 100 g of chocolate a week for a little less than half a pack a healthy habit of eating dark chocolate. But what the status of milk chocolate? Young researchers Romina di Giuseppe "milk of the previous studies revealed that blocking is polifenollerin emilimini. We in our work because we take only the bitter chocolate," he says.

Researchers intend to distribute all doubt. Chocolate lovers of wine, fruit and other healthy foods such as vegetables, may also take into account are exhausted. Chocolate lovers of others may be doing is doing more exercise. Thus, observed positive effects of cocoa can be installed on its own but also other factors. Researchers "all possible to prevent this" confusing "the parameters' set '. But chocolate's beneficial effects were observed, and we still think this is real." he says.

Genetic and Environmental Epidemiology Laboratuvan'nın manager and Campobasso'daki molim-sani Project Manager Licia Iacoviello, this study first scientific publications about molim-sani Project is reporting. Iacoviello, "This data us against cardiovascular disease and how the tumor will provide permanent protection for a creative perspective that will win many more think it's the beginning of the data." he says. Research Laboratory of the manager, Giovanni de Gaetano da "Maybe he is reviewing the restructuring of the Mediterranean diet pyramid and bitter chocolate is bad for our health are thought to have time to be removed from the sweets." I adds.

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American scientists announced: the music keeps the heart.

American scientists, people love listening to music is the heart-vascular system revealed good.

University of Maryland Preventive Cardiology Center, Medical Center President Michael Miller led the researchers, during the rest of popular music have found that blood vessels expand.

Blood vessels then discarded laughter or blood related drugs when taken as said expansion of the Miller, "we reach a very impressive results. The blood vessels are enlarged in diameter, the veins in the perfect opening. Damar the opening of the level of the exercise is being done to reach," he said. Michael Miller, 'State' and the 'ACE inhibitor' group of drugs has been told the same effect is achieved.

Research under half an hour listening to music through any of the volunteers, I would listen to their music at a rate of 26 per cent of the blood vessels to expand, they do not like listening to music when the vessels were determined to shrink at a rate of 6 percent.

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American scientists, the causes of heart attack and stroke that has occurred in the early hours.

More can be seen in the early hours of a heart attack. American scientists, the causes of heart attack and stroke that has occurred in the early hours.

A group at Emory University, the daily rhythm of activity of cells and blood vessels may have a key role here, said of the arrangement. Researchers cell activity in the wee hours of the morning is found in the lowest level.

American Heart Association conference on the work described in the public, this low level of the blood vessels to relax and less to the increase in risk of being seen to cause problems is indicated. Stem cells from bone marrow and Endotelyal (EPCs) in repair of blood vessels in the name of the cell is thought to play important roles. In fact, stem cells, these cells, while in blood vessels in the region would be created in the area are deprived of support and new blood vessels are built.

Emory group, different time of day and activity in cells of blood vessels in healthy middle age by looking at the changing characteristics of the 12 volunteers were tested every hour for 24 hours.

Peak point for the risk of Midnight

The number of cells by up to 2000 with the ability to develop EPCs cells to relax blood vessels of the peak level reached midnight. The next measurements began to fall. Research leader Dr Ibhar Al Mheid, "Vascular function of the night was better. Endotelyal function in the wee hours of the morning fell, especially," he said.

In the British Heart Foundation Cardiac Nurse Assistant as Ellen Mason, a heart attack, the number of hours of the morning at the highest level is known for a long time and researchers have done with this work that is causing the mechanism to better understand providing said. Mason, "all of us to-day rhythm, have the internal body clock and this is causing changes in the chemistry of our body," he said.

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The congestion of the veins in hypertension, heart attack and loss of vision leads to out of forgetfulness.

Under the control of high blood pressure in the most important effects of heart attack, kidney disorders and vision loss. Hypertension is another important cause of the disturbance there, he forgetfulness. 'Damarsal dotage as these disorders are also called, has occurred as a result of blockages of the arteries.

How to protect?
Anadolu Health Center, Professor of Neurology Specialist. Dr. Turker Sahiner, hypertension results gave information about emerging damarsal dotage. Alzheimer's causes forgetfulness of factors in second place after damarsal problems, vascular damarsal demansa, damarsal in other words it can lead. Damarsal dotage, high blood pressure and cholesterol in the whole body, especially the coronary arteries of the heart in time to occlusion and complete occlusion, depending on the death of the tissue is stretched. In the area of vascular congestion in mild loss of brain function is performed. This person, a sly without noticing it is taking the right. Coronary disease risk factors as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol levels, cigarette use, but also triggers the brain embolism is generating elements. Anadolu Health Center, Neurology Specialists Prof.Dr. Turker Sahiner, damarsal says it is about the risk factors: 'the person's blood pressure control, within two years could create very serious problems. Especially not in the forgetfulness of the difference, blood pressure and diabetes is not well regulated in people with this disease can progress very quickly. Because the time vascular congestion dies. But from time to time, increased blood pressure under control with medication, but has been mostly patient, 10-20 years may experience a problem too big. Age an important factor. Young hypertensive patients less likely to see damarsal dotage. This is likely to increase as the years progress. " If you have hardening of the arteries with hypertension and high cholesterol along with symptoms of atherosclerosis are seen, in vascular damage is necessarily. This leads damarsal it.

How to protect?
A hypertensive patient, especially damarsal not to compare it with a proper diet to maintain and difficult to maintain the lifestyle. If the patient does not pay attention to them, does not notice the progress of forgetfulness. This means that the cause can be clinical. For small vessels in the brain is congestion in the center of the brain is starting to grow liquid. These symptoms in patients with the greatest emerges as a walking disorder.

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Cukurova University Medical Faculty Department of Cardiovascular Surgery Faculty Prof. Dr. Shah Topçuoğlu, said stress disrupt the heart rhythm.
Topçuoğlu, AA correspondent that in the world causes of death
heart disease in the first row between now advanced in age
but is rare in children and youth age, the doğumsal
anomalies and familial transitions, and changing dietary habits, environmental factors
In addition to various reasons including stress arising from the said.
Nowadays it is considered to indicate a life of stress Topçuoğlu,
"but the heart of this case called the plague age seven as possible
to curb. Tempolu walking, running or during sports are felt more quickly this situation, a structural problem in the center of the administration of heart or the arteries feeding the heart that is the message in ways that indicate problems. Most people underestimate or received by feel that this has lead to sudden death, "he said.
Topçuoğlu development opportunities, thanks to the medical cause of rhythm disorders
treated with surgical operations were identified and easily ilaçlı is possible, normally not seen even 24-hour Holter ECG elektrografide also can be identified by specifying the method, has said:
"Here is a disorder found in electro-physiological studies
are doing. Surgical operations, it has been found by us or you ilaçlı treatment
provides information performed in the direction. Continuous drug use at any time
We do not approve. Because, you see the side effects of each drug is certainly on. "
Topçuoğlu, early detection of heart disease important role in the family
are dropped, the "fading quickly, effort during a child or young people who live tremor necessarily apply to heart disease, experts must be right," he spoke.

Dr Adana Kardiyoloi Center experts. In the heart Farşit Farşidfar
rhythm disorders, heart may originate from external causes, they
between goiter disease, anemia, more tea, coffee and cigarette use
reported to be counted.
Excessive excitement, anxiety and stress of exams in students in the heart rhythm
Why striking boukluğuna olduğuna Farşidfar, especially risk factors
as well as people who move do not feel any discomfort in the year once
still go through a routine check of the possible early detection of illnesses
is of great importance in terms of recorded

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Sakarya Training and Research Hospital Cardiology Expert Doctor Mustafa Erkul, the economic crisis in recent days that threaten the health, the cause was a heart attack in particular.

Dr. Mustafa Erkul that you recently experienced the economic crisis because of difficulties into people's heart attack, the likelihood is high that the "Accountants, bankers and stockbroker, journalists and high risk. This kind of stressful work of the early years in the kroner heart disease caught see. This last period 40-50 years between the surgery I was very sick. This also has the effect of economic crisis. Krizin with yet to rise at the beginning of occupation of the people who live in great distress increased. Sıkıntı stress and vascular damage is serious, "he said.

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In recent years, people in research 20'li years in the heart arteries are narrowed, says the start of the observation.

Still life trigger

Today, as a common, heart and vascular disease to occur and 40'lı and 50'li years as previously seen in a false belief has not. Chief of the Cardiology Department, VKV American Hospital Dr. Genco continues Yücel lyrics like:

"Days of our living conditions, especially in the business world focus at the beginning of the computer, people between work and home life in the compression schemes because, do sports, walk, walk the possibility of reduction of children and young people spend time at the beginning of the computer to being overweight and some metabolic diseases are caused. Such as diabetes and high cholesterol in heart health risk situations young people are increasing the frequency of seeing. "
Dr. Genco Yücel early years of calling attention to the importance of preventive treatment is started and blood sugar and blood cholesterol in young age is now more analysis to be done and that measures be taken to the agenda says.

Especially in risk groups of young people migrate from 20'li years, the first control and the results suggest continued control by Dr. Genco Yücel, risk group, as heart disease, especially in young people in families defined. Dr. Yücel, these young people, control the blood, cholesterol and blood sugar level of hunger to see and to measure their blood pressure is recommended, and "these parameters are higher in the treatment of more advanced examinations should begin," he says.

30 years for an end to the death

Dr. Genco Yücel, the main purpose of all these approaches is explained as follows: "The aim is changing due to living conditions increased the intensity of heart disease and low to keep the focus on 40 years of age and heart disease because of the death the right to decline 30 years to prevent."

Dr. Yücel, this result is also the right of the people be healthy, and economic burden on society, says reduced.

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Heart patients are now started with honey

Memorial Hospital Heart and Vascular Surgery Department Prof. Dr. Bingür Sönmez, heart patients what kind of winter nutrition shape should adopt said: "Heart patients, as many times as needed in winter to take calories is recommended. Because of the cold body and against the risk of infection to be sensitive enough to get calorie requirements. Heart patients, strict diet in winter should not do. " Non-diabetic patients, eating breakfast in a spoon of honey or syrup Prof. recommended. Dr. Sönmez added: "Cooking red meat and animal fats should not be weighted. They instead superfluously raw vegetables and fruits should be preferred. Heart patients, especially with vitamin C and raw vegetables as they are consumed, these foods have vitamins are also protected."

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What type of heart patients in winter would have to adopt a form of nutrition said:

Memorial Hospital Heart and Vascular Surgery Department Prof. Dr. Bingür Sönmez, heart patients what kind of winter nutrition shape should adopt said: "Heart patients, as many times as needed in winter to take calories is recommended. Because of the cold body and against the risk of infection to be sensitive enough to get calorie requirements. Heart patients, strict diet in winter should not do. " Non-diabetic patients, eating breakfast in a spoon of honey or syrup Prof. recommended. Dr. Sönmez added: "Cooking red meat and animal fats should not be weighted. They instead superfluously raw vegetables and fruits should be preferred. Heart patients, especially with vitamin C and raw vegetables as they are consumed, these foods have vitamins are also protected."

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In Britain 12-year-old boy lost his life to miss a dose of deodorant.

According to reports on site, Daniel Hurley, a child after using deodorant in the bathroom of the house and left in a heap.

Deodorant in the volatile (volatile) agents that disrupt the child's heart rhythm and the event is taken to the hospital after 5 days after Now the heart is saved in the death due to rhythm disorders.

Expression under investigation, the father, Robert Hurley, the son of her constantly and it is using hair gel and deodorant deodorant also often said that clothes often. Narrow field of forensic medicine in the deodorant composition in tired of the negative impact that the child has a heart.

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Timing of drinking in the risk of heart who do not yet capture more than ..

Tepecik Training and Research Hospital Heart and Vascular Surgery Expert Opr. Dr. Mustafa Karaçelik, alcohol in the back of the heart muscle cells do not cause damage, the cause was a heart yet.
Opr. Dr. Karaçelik, to the AA correspondent that the high amount of alcohol in their heart, vascular and cancer diseases has been seen more often. Hearts yet heart pumping function to fulfill occurred anlatan Karaçelik, to the discomfort, coronary artery, heart attack, hypertension, heart valve disorders, doğumsal heart disease, heart rhythm disorders, sugar, severe anemia and kidney yet the cause was recorded.

Karaçelik said:

Alcohol is causing''hearts yet. Timing of drinking in the risk of heart who do not yet capture more than. Excessive alcohol, heart muscle cells do not return to cause damage to the heart reducing the power of hubris, this patient breathing difficult and can not do daily work to become, a heart transplant go through as long as a cause.
Connected to the development of the heart muscle weakness alcohol purchases to coincide more often in recent years are.''

Causes for DE-CANCER -

Reduce cholesterol levels in the body of alcohol as a good-natured of free fatty acids are expressed, which lead to elevated Karaçelik, in this case the patient's weight gain is caused to be made and hard of heart.

Opr. Dr. Karaçelik, shortness of breath, frothy pink phlegm out, coughing, weakness, fatigue, swelling in the legs, heart irregularities in atım, in liver growth, fluid accumulation in the abdominal cavity, loss of appetite, nausea, lack of concentration, yet the heart is reported symptoms.

High amounts of alcohol more often than their heart disease and cancer görültüğünün vessels underlines the Karaçelik, those people pancreas, stomach, esophagus, throat cancer and the risk of being caught is too stressed.

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Physicians in the United States, heart, standing woman was rescued by ice deposits. Methods in the body "jump to the Arctic Ocean as" the shock effect has been recorded ..

Heart patients with long-term U.S. Cynthia Crawford, city of New Orleans in the crisis had under treatment at the Ochsner Clinic. Women standing back to life with heart, did not shock, was rescued in an interesting way. Women living with the ice treatment was unfortunate. Clinic physicians, hundreds of body Crawford'un put ice bags. In the body of the shock therapy applied cardiologists "jump to the Arctic Ocean as" shock effect has done, he said. Into a pool full of pack ice in gels hugged the woman's body before the cold water was poured. Then the bones were made to the pack ice massage. Thus, the slow cell death in heart disease is to prevent.

To protect the brain
Experts "cooling" of the way through, a treatment for heart patients from time to time standing to prevent the brain damage was also announced. Hospital physicians method for a long time in heart disease, premature birth and the trauma that was used.

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Based on high protein and high fat content of diet, blood pressure control in the body leads to corruption. Shortness of breath, palpitation or the blood, cholesterol and triglyceride levels may occur in the extreme to rise. This situation can disrupt a person's life such as comfort, there is also some treatment goals can eliminate. Therefore, the normal time kalpdamar holidays, such as patients' perceptions and diet programs, should not break during the holidays.

* Heart patients in which meals, what food do you recommend?
Must start with a light breakfast on the day. This impoverishment of the solid oil and animal food should be breakfast. For example, tomatoes, fresh greens, olives and cheese as a breakfast consisting of natural food may be preferred. To leave food on the lunch meal, and they must be consumed with plenty of vegetables. At other meals do not eat; preferences vegetables, grains and fruits may favor. In the meantime, food and water available to, is exaggerating the amount of cholesterol should be noted that the increase in. Even with oil red meat completely taken, there is visible fat that can not be selected. Heart patients also should be consumed throughout the day plenty of fluids. Besides the salt content of meals may be more than soda and fruit juice instead of buttermilk would be useful to place.

Heart and Vascular Surgeon in Private Gaziosmanpaşa Hospital Assoc. Dr. Denyan Mansuroğlu the feast of the excessive consumption of cholesterol not to cause problems, such as the announced measures may be taken:

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Diabetes, chronic diseases such as chronic heart failure and 50 years later of people that absolutely every year to make flu vaccine is recommended.

Disease Control in the U.S. and Prevention Center (CBC) with coronary artery disease, vascular congestion, the process of living, had by-pass, stent or balloon was applied to open arteries in patients with advanced heart failure, and the individuals of the flu vaccine is recommended.

From heart problems, more risk in terms of catching the flu does not. However, in patients with heart failure after flu attack and that the creation of more serious respiratory infections and pneumonia are known also increased. Influenza vaccine does provide protection against them.

Research, people living with heart disease the most important tools to protect them from attack of the flu vaccine is one of the show. With heart disease according to research results and to make flu vaccine in people, death rates due to heart attack drops to half.

Therefore, the building of the flu vaccine, people who have heart disease, heart attack rates reduced the risks are serious. Diabetes, chronic diseases such as chronic heart failure and 50 years later of people that absolutely every year to make flu vaccine is recommended.

Numerical data to heart disease, the benefits of the flu vaccine are supported. 10% of adult individuals within a year or 20% of influenza can be seen. Coronary artery disease in individuals with 30% of the levels found in vaccines. If a heart attack, stent anjiyoplasti scheduled for operation in hospital patients, the vaccine is made, especially in the flu season of death in these patients or to the heart attack rate about 50% decreases.

A heart attack is not no vaccine for individuals to spend again, the death rate is about or around 23'ler% saptanırken, individuals have been vaccinated, that number has dropped to 11%. Influenza vaccination had no problems with the heart before prevent heart attack and does not have any data on that.

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Italian science people, stem cells to repair itself with heart attacks who have developed a method

The capital of Italy in Rome and the country's largest higher education institution La Sapienza University in cooperation with the European Molecular Biology Laboratory research, in the field of cardiology has resulted in a miracle in the. Accordingly, the heart of a heart attack, can itself be treated.

Congress held in Rome at the Italian Community Kardioloji the middle with 6 the method of presentation in the conference, are based on stem cell studies are explained. Accordingly, scientists, deformation occurs in the heart of the crisis passes, but found ways to stem cell heart repair could do coding, so you do not need further treatment, said the body's own treatment. Method on animals have provided success, after a while people may start work on has been saved.

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Heart disease, experts said it was outside of the 7 1.

The President of the Chamber of Dentists Kayseriİ Umut Kural, heart disease, said it was outside of the 7 1.

Importance of oral health in Turkey is not enough, most of the impact of health policies that the President expressed hope that the rules, "in Turkey, except for the exception of the 70 million people have oral health problems. Always go to the dentist, go to a dentist who is 6 months. Turkish society needs a percentage of 99'nun emergency dental treatment, "he said. Rules of the Chamber of Dentists Hope, "as in pregnancy hormonal oral dental health is corrupted. In this context, pregnant and children, the elderly and people with systemic diseases, rheumatism and heart disease ones, dental disease is more dangerous.
Mouth and teeth in the area to create a germ or a septic inflammation to flare up there, can lead to more serious problems. This group needs to show more attention to the teeth. Heart disease is the source of the teeth 7 1. To go to the hospital in the root of the disease is not. Until the root of the tooth in the middle, this will be the source. This is a scientific figure. Heart disease is the origin of the 7 1 tooth. Patients must learn to go to the doctor, "he spoke.

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Heart surgery patients recovery rate is very high even without treatment ...

Memorial Hospital Heart and Vascular Surgery Department of the Assoc. Dr. Harun Arbatlı, advanced age without heart surgery to cover the problem "solution with Percutaneous method" has information about.

Advanced age of the patient no longer cover the heart without surgery method can return to health. Especially in patients 90 years after emerging issues cover the costs of interventional procedures to patients are offered a quality of life.

Elderly patients can be corrected through surgery, did you cover the classic problem?

Surgery, advanced age has brought problems for patients. Elderly patients are usually linked to hardening of the arteries and body wear at the cover from time to time as often the aorta in the mitral cover is encountering serious problems. Solve this problem unfortunately can not always be possible with classical methods. Because a 90-year-old patient applied to cover replacement surgery is very risky. Complications may occur after surgery in patients of advanced age can cause bad results. As physicians are faced with such situations that many elderly patients are sometimes unable to operate them for terkediyoruz to fate. Many years of smoking, especially elderly patients with lung problems as well as other diseases that we can go. Besides, they have cancer operations, problems like diabetes that accompany the disease can be many. Such cases are elderly patients operated obstacle.

Cover for old age patients Is it possible to resolve problems without surgery?

Today, patients of advanced age can bring problems for the cover of less surgical trauma and a more direct way to implement a number of methods have been. 5 years with a history of the world and very important applications in several centers is called the Percutaneous interventional Aortik cover İmplantasyonu method will begin to be implemented in Turkey. Memorial Hospital Heart and Vascular Surgery, we as a team to further development of this method and the results become even more prominent in parallel with, these operations can be done in our country are working hard to make.

Percutaneous (without surgery) method is suitable for patients age from which direction?

With this method the patient or with a very small cut or no cut without surgical repair or replacement surgery is done without a cover. During the process to open the chest, the heart stopping is very difficult for patients to be tolerated instead of the heart at these things will pass by later cases before the cover is expanded through a balloon. By passing the tip of the heart or the groin vessels in the area called apeks a small cut is made into a special chamber is compressed into the cover region is also the cover. All these actions as interventional percutaneous method is carried out just pretend Angio. Cardiologists and heart surgeons will be found in a search application, is more complicated and more equipment will be needed. Maybe later when you sit down and a very good way to get results is head of the carotid arteries in the neck by passing that this process may be done. Memorial Heart and Vascular Surgery as we ourselves are trying to develop has a number of methods.

Rate of elderly is increasing steadily

Population is growing steadily in the years rates. At the moment in Europe and America, one of the largest expenditures and health expenditures, especially from old age diseases to bring solutions to these problems in the past governments to action. The same issue of the rapid increase in the elderly population, will be valid for Turkey after a while. 10-20 years later, the same problem next door to steal our country. Be prepared to take our place in this, the technology is very important. Cover with lid Aort Percutaneous repair and replacement implantasyonu method results brought the laughing face in the future a method can be applied to young patients. But now that the classical surgical methods. These are very developed compared to the previous year.

How many hours of percutaneous application methods İmplantasyon aorta cover? How long the patient return to normal life can be?

Improvement of the patient after surgery with percutaneous cover rate is really high. The patient's disease or another transaction the next day or several days after the recovery, you can return to normal life. People have other health problems even in intensive care after a classic surgical operations in a short time much better. The method currently is being implemented to resolve problems in the aorta cover. Cover issues in the future mitral studies showing there is the use of percutaneous methods. The right side of the heart, pulmonary cover especially with small children or congenital heart disease patients in a move operation that is the use of percutaneous cover.

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Today, the first day of the new year ... Prof. Dr. Bingür Sönmez, 2008 in the heart of today do not look good as a Christ to accept the offer and give a healthy start to life. According to Sönmez is a first step should be taken for a healthy heart to be loved! ..

Today 2009'un first day ... What does your heart will have made during 2008, all the time goodbye! 2008 was too much smoke, it was fat, I did not do sports, and sugar in your blood pressure may not have your attention. As of today, and forget them in the new year to open a new page Get. Today is 1 January 2009 ie the date of posting to obtain liberation day. "I've made mistakes last year, will not do anymore, I'll look good in my heart" and also continue to move. Prof. Dr. Bingür Sönmez, you need to take steps on this path has the order:

To quit smoking
If you smoke, you just leave now. Cigarettes, coronary heart disease are the most important factor is speed. Directly affect the lungs in patients with heart surgery, the surgery can cause serious problems later. The destruction of a cigarette for women, is much more than men. Parts and can lead to early menopause östrojeni cigarettes. Of women who smoke after their heart surgery will lengthen the healing process. So our advice to women, especially the new year to quit smoking.

To secrete endorphins
In 2008 in love, in love not necessarily in the year 2009. First, your spouse, your family, your business and be in love with your country. Because to love is a good heart, joy and happiness to the secretion of endorphin hormones provides. A good love life is required for heart health. Regular people who have a love life will improve quality of life is final.

Go to Control
Six-monthly check your blood sugar and blood fats and, to test once a year effort. In 2009 women entering menopause, starting from this year to make a serious condition as a control kardiyolojik! Because with menopause, heart disease in women are progressing very fast. If over 40 years and until today and did not pass through a control in hearts, in the first week of 2009'un necessarily pass control kardiyolojik suggest.

Eating change
Healthy Start nutrition. Vegetable and fruit-based, please organize a diet poor in cholesterol. In this regard, the only reliable source of information acquired reputation. Know that the 'miracle diet' has not been discovered yet. Healthy nutrition is very important, of course, but life with two broccoli and cabbage Brussels does. Diversity is very important nutrition. Every month for a time to reward yourself can consume harmful nutrients.

Make Exercise
Away from exercise, you are still a lot of life, for example, are using the stairs instead of elevators in the new year, leave these habits. Give the start of a more active life. Your home is in close proximity to your job, to work when you do not use your vehicle. Walk at least an hour three times per week. Your Tempo, five kilometers to the floor should look like in 45 minutes. Do you want to enjoy the walk a step counter to your belt insert. In this way, the end of the day determine how much you play, the better can program the next day.

Select Sport
Sport is good for the heart is, do not start sports competitors. Football, tennis, basketball or sports competitors do not have in the past 15-20 years, 40 years after the start of this kind of sports do not invite the disaster. They prefer instead of regular exercise. Exercise your heart, strengthen your bones and muscles of. After 30 years of age will start a sport that requires intense effort, continue to control hearts.

Cold protection of the
Avoid walking in cold weather. Get your home a band marches are heart patients or big shopping centers, walking in two rounds. Time of the day with the residents to walk between 10.00-14.00 hours will be very useful for you. However, such a march, not a bit like watching showcase must be made at a trot.

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1. Healthy nutrition for children age must begin.
2. The ratio between your height and weight to the note.
3. If your menopause women are always late.
4. Increase your physical activity. And try to stay away from the laziness of extreme stress.
5. Skills and opportunities in your profession and do not force any time.
6. After 20 years of age at least once in blood fats (cholesterol, triglyceride, HDL, LDL), Lp (a), homocysteine, and control of the HS-CRP.
7. Families, early in your story if you have heart disease or diabetes or high blood pressure patients are a 30 then you are not 40 years of age each year of blood fats (cholesterol, triglyceride, HDL, LDL), Lp (a), homocysteine and control the testing effort.
8. Own your life, your family, your spouse, friends of peace. A type (quick decision, the ambitious, combative, rush move) people have to slow down.
9. Do not smoke.
10. The psychological effects you create your Sickness or concerns about your environment, contact with a psychiatric specialist.

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Important suggestions to heart patients

1. Do not smoke, even in environments that do not even drink.
2. Switch from regular kardiyolojik control
3. Treatment of your positive and negative side, long dönemki results always speak with your doctor.
4. Avoid exaggerated physical activities. A specialist in the creation of an exercise program follow.
5. To enter into sexual relations is not your girlfriend your wife, your home and not hotel rooms preference.
6. Do not neglect the need to use medicines continuously.
7. The three months to control blood fats.
8. Family Review your life and your social life. To minimize the negativity in your life and move to action.
9. Do not blame your environment for your family and your Sickness. The problem for you can try to get help from a psychiatric expert.

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According to a survey the majority of deaths connected to a heart attack during sex, is when you dodge.

A kind of moderate exercise in having sex say that Assoc. Dr. Ozgen Dogan, according to an investigation of sex twice a week once a week, according to those who have a heart attack less than 50 percent, he said. However Assoc. Dr. Here's a warning and recommendations arising from there: "Sex should be a regular association with the person lived. Brings more harm than the benefits loophole! "
Long Island College Hospital New York Presbyterian and Columbia University Professor of cardiologists. Dr. Ozgen Dogan, hardening of sexual dysfunction such as loss of heart disease may be the messenger is very striking. Doğan, heart health and sexual life were wondering about the relationship between yanıtlıyor.

Do you have a positive effect of sex on heart health?
Yes there is. Sex is a kind of exercise in middle level. A survey in Wales, two times per week people have sex have sex once a week to 50 percent less than rates that revealed a heart attack. The person having sex with a regular combination, especially I would encourage you to do.

Evasive and how will it affect my heart?
An interesting related research done in Japan. When you have sex with your partner your heart rate stays under 100. When you make your valentine is starting to take the pulse 130 per minute. Feelings of guilt and the need to discover a new person is the person creating the over-excitement. Connected to a heart attack during sex sudden deaths occurred while 80 percent is evasive.

Cause hardening of the arteries in male sexual problems that causes?
Erection or hardening of masculinity sexual organs, penis, the blood is absorbed, such as the sponge is made to stay here. In the end, how much blood from the penis, vessels hard if ensures that a healthy erection.

The cause of heart disease, hardening of the cause of loss is similar to each other did you?
Like, because it is the same. Both originate from the same disease, so the disease. Why are diabetes, smoking and high blood pressure is. 80 percent of the physical cause hardening depends on the problem. 34 percent of heart patients are highly sexual problems.

Heart patients and those who hesitate to have sex what do you suggest?
If people with heart hasatalığı two floors of stairs without shortness of breath and chest pain, a mind not having sex can get. Otherwise, get the doctor to appear.

Heart disease or disorders of sexual function before you uncover?
Recent research in heart disease, sexual problems usually occur two or three years ago that was detected. So if you have impotence problems, heart disease may show two or three per year. A moment before you need to take measures.

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The symptoms of a heart attack in women

Do not think men are just hitting a heart attack! For many middle-aged women pose a risk to infarction. That's why we need to know the symptoms ..

Some measures to protect you from heart attack (your Blood Pressure 115/75 'did hold ten small, Do not smoke, move it like 30 minutes every day ...) We know you know. Well, one of the symptoms of a heart attack even know whether you're having? The symptoms of a heart attack in women as in men 'a severe pain in the chest feeling' is not as clear. Many women in the weeks or months before a heart attack 'threat ring of a bell in the' news of the experience these symptoms:

* Unusual fatigue: more than 70 percent of women who experienced a heart attack before the crisis is entering into a strange fatigue! Does not have to remove the arms case.

* Sleep disorders: more than half of women who experienced a heart attack a regular sleep and sleep disorders is not.

Abdominal pain, dizziness ...
* Indigestion and anxiety: you're a patient, especially blood pressure, low healthy cholesterol, excessive fat in the abdominal region if you have diabetes if you smoke and you're doing desk work, food and activities to note the normal reaction. So do not miss any difference.
* Other symptoms are abdominal pain, cold sweating, dizziness and nausea and vomiting is. Do not miss these signs of a heart attack a month .* especially likely to occur before taking into account these symptoms appear, and your doctor prevent damage to your crisis.

If you feel a severe pain in your chest or down if you post in any of the event comes to your head, call an ambulance immediately and call your doctor:

* Shortness of breath and extreme fatigue: a heart attack in women who remove the most obvious signs arms too infirm to be.

* Abnormal severe pain and pressure: heart attack survivor and women feel pain in the chest has only 30 per cent. Pressure, shortness of breath, back at the top of the region, neck, shoulders and arms, even for women who feel intense pain and burning, heart attack can be described as sharp and tingling sensation.

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