Perhaps this story Strait diligent people not very happy. They more likely to be the week he would rather the amount of chocolate.

On the other hand is still good news for them: 6.7 g per day, chocolate, inflammation and cardiovascular disease that may develop after a protective effect against the ideal.

Bitter chocolate for the first time the effects of this new Catholic University Research Campobasso'daki National Cancer Institute of Milan in the laboratories that carried out in cooperation with the result of population studies has been proven.

American Nutrition Society is the official journal Nutrition Journal published in the latest issue of the findings, performed so far in Europe is the largest epidemiological studies, one from the Molise region so far of the 20,000 area residents participated in molim-sani Project was obtained.

Researchers assessed the participants, the complex mechanism of inflammation, emphasizing. A chronic inflammatory condition such as in various miyokardiyal infarction and a risk factor for development of cardiovascular disease is known to occur. Process to be under control inflammation of the most fundamental issues of conservation programs and C-reactive protein also can be determined by a simple blood test, promising to be one of the marked results.

The Italian team, the research involved in this protein in the blood of persons associated with chocolate consumption. 11,000 participants 4849'unda risk factors (normal cholesterol, blood pressure and other parameters) is not observed, and this has been determined to be healthy participants. These are among the 1317 participants of the chocolate eating habits, regular 824'ününse bitter chocolate-chocolate-but only when consumed has emerged.

Working with the leader of Romina di Giuseppe "Cocoa beans in a high amount of antioxidants, especially flavonoitlerin (P vitamin like and bleeding against the substance of), and other polifenol types, inflammatory status in the treatment of beneficial effects may be the hypothesis work began. The result is really very heartening: reasonable ratios and regularly consumed dark chocolate blood of the people in the C-reactive protein levels quite low are available. In other words a situation inflamed emergence is unlikely to fall. Gözlenen average decrease of 17% may appear low, but these women in one of three men in four cardiovascular disease in one an amount sufficient to reduce the risk. This is certainly a remarkable result. " he says.

The amount of chocolate consumed is very important. "Reasonable extent of a consumer speak. The greatest effect the average 6.7 grams of chocolate per day is consumed is obtained. This week two or three times to defeat a small square chocolate money is coming. It's more of the beneficial effects loss means."
According to the study package as a normal practice, approximately 100 g of chocolate a week for a little less than half a pack a healthy habit of eating dark chocolate. But what the status of milk chocolate? Young researchers Romina di Giuseppe "milk of the previous studies revealed that blocking is polifenollerin emilimini. We in our work because we take only the bitter chocolate," he says.

Researchers intend to distribute all doubt. Chocolate lovers of wine, fruit and other healthy foods such as vegetables, may also take into account are exhausted. Chocolate lovers of others may be doing is doing more exercise. Thus, observed positive effects of cocoa can be installed on its own but also other factors. Researchers "all possible to prevent this" confusing "the parameters' set '. But chocolate's beneficial effects were observed, and we still think this is real." he says.

Genetic and Environmental Epidemiology Laboratuvan'nın manager and Campobasso'daki molim-sani Project Manager Licia Iacoviello, this study first scientific publications about molim-sani Project is reporting. Iacoviello, "This data us against cardiovascular disease and how the tumor will provide permanent protection for a creative perspective that will win many more think it's the beginning of the data." he says. Research Laboratory of the manager, Giovanni de Gaetano da "Maybe he is reviewing the restructuring of the Mediterranean diet pyramid and bitter chocolate is bad for our health are thought to have time to be removed from the sweets." I adds.


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